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What Is a Bedroom Suite?

Sandra Rousseau

If you're shopping for bedroom furniture, it is helpful for you to know what a bedroom suite is. A bedroom suite is simply a set of matching or coordinated bedroom furniture, for example, a bed, dresser, chest of drawers and a nightstand. But a bedroom suite doesn't have to be comprised of only these items or all of these items.

Pieces Included in a Bedroom Suite

A bedroom suite is a set of matching bedroom furniture.

There is really no minimum or maximum number of furniture pieces in a bedroom suite, nor any specific pieces that comprise a bedroom suite. As long as the pieces are made to match or coordinate and belong in a bedroom, they are considered a bedroom suite. Some typical pieces are beds, dressers, mirrors, nightstands, chests of drawers, vanities or any other miscellaneous pieces that are specifically made to match the rest of the bedroom furniture, such as book shelves, desks, blanket chests or benches. Mattresses are usually not considered part of a bedroom suite.

Mixing and Matching

In the furniture industry, a bedroom suite is a set of bedroom furniture where the pieces are made by the same manufacturer from the same type of wood or other material, are the same color and share other characteristics. A set of bedroom furniture that has been mixed or pieced together from different manufacturers or collections is generally not considered a bedroom suite.

Suite vs. Suit

Both "suite" and "suit" refer to items that go together, and because the two words are spelled so similarly they can be confused. In general, "suite" refers to pieces of furniture or rooms that go together, while "suit" refers to clothing or playing cards that are related. "Suite" is often pronounced "sweet," although some people pronounce it "sute," the same pronunciation as the word "suit," which further confuses these two terms.

Hotel and Real Estate Terminology

Although the term "bedroom suite" refers to furniture, the term "master suite" is often used in real estate to mean a large master bedroom with an adjoining master bathroom and/or a smaller adjacent room or nook, such as a sitting room or lounge area. In the hotel industry, the term "suite" means adjoining hotel rooms that are rented as one unit, for example an apartment-like setup consisting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room. In this case it would be referred to as a "two-bedroom suite," as opposed to a "bedroom suite," which is furniture.