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What Comes in a 5-Piece Bedroom Set?

Wendy K. Leigh

Bedroom sets are an affordable way to achieve a consistent and aesthetically pleasing look to a bedroom, with the standard collection containing five coordinating pieces. These include a bed with headboard, two nightstands, a dresser and a mirror. There are exceptions to this arrangement, and additional pieces are typically available for bedrooms with sufficient space or specialized needs.

The Variables

Bedroom sets include headboards and nightstands.

Some five-piece bedroom sets are sold with only one nightstand and the addition of a chest. This setup is desirable for those who have a large amount of clothing that requires more drawer and storage space. It is also sometimes chosen for bedrooms with only one sleeper, eliminating the need for the second nightstand. Additional matching furniture pieces offered on an individual basis include separate hanging mirrors, coat stands, accessory racks, end-of-bed benches, small chaise lounges or settees, chairs, padded stools, hutches, wardrobes and vanity tables.

Consider More

For larger rooms or sufficient space in walk-in bedroom closets, consider purchasing a seven-piece bedroom set. It is typically less expensive to get the extra pieces you need when purchasing them all together. Seven-piece sets often supply more storage room, including additional chests for clothes or a hope chest for tucking away extra linens or winter blankets.