Recycling Ideas for Coffee Mate Containers

Any plastic container that can be recycled saves a little more space in a landfill. Coffee mate containers can be used for storing a variety of items. Anything that's not liquid can be stored safely. These containers were made to hold food products so any item placed in them is safe.

Picnic Containers

The flip top spout container or the screw cap bottle can be used to keep picnic condiments. Ketchup, chopped onions, vinegar and oil dressings and many other items can be conveniently placed in these containers. They save space in the cooler. Use a permanent marker to label the containers. The screw cap containers can be trimmed down and the top edges covered with colorful tape to make napkin holders. Place paper wrapped mints or treats in the bottom, wrap the plastic utensils in the napkin and place it in the container for individual place settings.

Savings Banks

Either type of container can be used as a savings bank. Children can remove the labels and use markers and stickers to decorate their own banks. They're easily hidden away in a sock drawer. The spout in the top is the perfect size for dropping in coins and rolled bills. Rolled coins also can be stored in these containers.

Storing Small Items

Crafters and sewers will find these containers handy for storing beads and buttons. You can write what the container holds on the tops and the sides. They're also handy for storing straight pins, safety pins and other sharp items. Golfers can use them to store golf tees. Small containers may fit in the golf bag. They're also suitable for storing tacks, nails, screws and bolts in the garage or workshop.

Travel Containers

Jewelry and valuables can be placed in either type of container and placed in a suitcase. Wrap valuables in soft cloths and you won't have to worry about jewelry getting tangled or scratched. Leave teasels on them for an extra measure of security. They're also convenient for storing panty hose or socks. The top of the container comes off when you're putting items in them and the flip spout can be left open for air circulation.


Use the flip spout container to create a container for disposable baby wipes. Place the wipes in the container and pull one up through the slot to start. They take up less space in the diaper bag. Either type of container can be used for taking smaller amounts of powered detergents or bleaches to the car wash or the Laundromat. Toddler snacks and cookies can be safely stored, and may not get crushed like they might if placed in sandwich bags.