Differences Between a Full-Size & Double Bed

Full-size and double are synonymous terms generally used to refer to the exact same bed.

North America

The differences in full-size and double beds vary from region to region.The differences in full-size and double beds vary from region to region.
However, exactly what is meant by full-size and double can still vary depending on what part of the world you're speaking about. From continent to continent and country to country, the full-size or double beds can vary in size quite a bit.

In North America the standard full-size bed measures 54 inches by 75 inches. However, there are variations from this standard. For example, the full-size sofa bed measure 54 inches by only 72 inches. Additionally, there is a full-size XL bed that measures 54 by 80 inches.

South America

South American countries offer the full-size bed in only one size: 55 inches by 79 inches. Brazil is the exception to this rule. There, the full range of North American sizes are available for purchase.


Depending on the location in Europe, full-size beds vary. In most of Continental Europe full-size beds measure 55 inches by 79 inches. However, in the United Kingdom and Ireland the standard full-size measures 55 by 75 inches, while a small double size is available that measures 48 inches by 79 inches. Norway has no bed formally referred to as a full-size but offers what it calls a large single measuring 47 by 79 inches.


Asia offers a double full bed that measures 55 inches by 77 inches. Only Thailand seems to break from the mold with its full-size bed measuring in at 48 by 78 inches.


Australia offers a full-size bed that's 54 inches by 75 inches, plus a "king single" measuring 41 by 80 inches. A little farther south, New Zealand has the king single at 41 by 80 inches and a long double at 53 by 80 inches.


In Africa a three-quarter bed measuring 42 inches by 74 inches is available as well as the standard 54- by 75-inch full-size bed.

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