Acreage Layout Ideas

Carve out an area on your multi-acre property to enjoy leisure activities and special family occasions. Combine these spaces with structures or buildings that could enhance your income. Before building, draw up a blueprint of the land and your structural intentions, taking into consideration details such as optimum sunlight or desirable shaded sections perfect for a pond and picnic area.

Fruit Grove

Let your love of animals inform your layout plans.

Owners who enjoy fresh fruit and produce benefit from planting a fruit orchard and garden on their property. A corn field, orange and apple groves and raspberry, blueberries and blackberries are all applicable options. Divide your land up so that each fruit has its own area. Build an outdoor structure where you can clean, wash, prepare or store your produce. You'll also want a transportation shelter if the property is large enough to warrant getting around on a tractor or in a golf cart. House this shelter near the fruit area and set up a dining section nearby as well.

Horse Stables

Let your appreciation and love of horses inspire you when deciding how to divide up the acreage you own. If you're fortunate enough to have a barn structure already on your property, rehab it and re-structure it if necessary to accommodate the appropriate amount of animals. Add a large ring to ride and train the horses in as well as a sheltered dining area alongside it for spectators to partake in the activity. Kids who love horses and their own personal play space benefit from a clubhouse on the property with a horse hitching post in front of the structure's door. Affix large flat blocks of wood to a tree so kids can climb up it and rest on the branches watching as other people ride the horses.

Family Enjoyment

Create a space your family will enjoy. Several different recreational areas allow you to cater to various age groups' taste and interest. Build a gazebo and install internal bench seating around three-quarters of the structure. Add a picnic table in the center and use this as a fun space for kids to dine when grilling out. Build a patio and fireplace so adult family members and friends also have a personal place to relax. Encourage all individuals to get and stay healthy by installing recreational sport areas. Horseshoes, a game table and volleyball net are all suitable options.

Communal Living

Build various independent housing structures to share with your family and closest friends. Recycled materials will cut down on building costs and can be shared and combined amongst the different sites. Assign the same amount of acreage to each structure and maintain a spirit of communal generosity. Set aside a few acres and plant a garden that all property residents can enjoy. A picnic shelter, fire pit and barbecue grill also encourages everyone to spend their leisure time together.