Stones That Absorb Musty Odors

Are you sometimes shocked at the stale odor of your home when you come in the front door after an afternoon out? Do you find yourself being thankful that you were alone when you walked into that musty smelling place? Do you clean and clean and never seem to get your place smelling fresh enough? You may feel like there is no solution to your pain and embarrassment but there is -- and it comes in the form of a simple odor-absorbing stone called a zeolite.

What is a Zeolite?

Does your home smell musty when you come in the door?
Volcanic stones like this one are the source of zeolites.

These amazing stones are called zeolites. A zeolite is "any in a family of glassy minerals, analogous to feldspar, containing hydrated aluminum silicates of calcium, sodium or potassium; formed in cavities in lava flows and in plutonic rocks," according to the audioEnglish website. Zeolites are extracted from the "vugs," the term for the holes in volcanic rocks such as basalt and gabbro. There are deposits of these types of zeolites in the United States in New Jersey and Wyoming, and scientists have found them all over the world in places such as India and Canada.

The Many Uses of Zeolites

Zeolites can absorb regular household odors, such as a cat box or your old smelly shoes left on the stoop. They are also powerful absorbers when it comes to toxic and dangerous substances, such as formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, mercury, lead and even radioactive gas. In fact, zeolite has even been used to clean up nuclear accidents, according to the Toxics Information Project.

How To Use Zeolites

Zeolites are used in a crushed form for odor control purposes. You can find zeolites in small or large sealed bags to be placed near the source of your suspected odor problem. Place one in each bathroom, pet room, under the sink and near the front door. Leave the bags in place for up to 3 months, then simply lay them outdoors in the direct sunlight where they will release the odors that were absorbed and be ready to use again and again.

More Odor Applications of Zeolites

Zeolites can also be purchased in a dry, non-reusable powder form. People are achieving wonderful results with this as a dry, deodorizing pet shampoo. Two to three tablespoons of powdered zeolite in your cat's litter box each week may just eliminate that embarrassing odor forever. Try it as a carpet deodorizer as well: Just sprinkle, wait 15 minutes and then vacuum. You can use the prepackaged bags in your fridge and freezer to eliminate food odors.