What Happens If I Don't Rotate My Latex Mattress?

Whether you are looking for an all natural option for your bedroom or just the ideal topper for the perfect platform bed, a latex mattress can fit your needs and give you a good night's sleep. To get the most out of your mattress, you need to rotate it on a regular basis. If you don't, you could damage it.

Latex Mattresses

There are two different types of latex mattresses available: those made from synthetic latex and those constructed from natural latex, formed from milk harvested from trees. Both types of latex mattresses are formed from single pieces of latex surrounded by an outer envelope of material. They do not contain air or springs; instead, the continuous latex supports your body at night. Lighter weight than traditional mattresses, they last for approximately twenty years.


Rotate a traditional mattress in order to prevent sagging in the area where you sleep night after night. Always rotate latex mattresses on a regular basis. Ideally, you will turn your mattress so the portion at the foot of your bed is at the head of your bed every month or so. Every six months, flip the entire mattress over so you sleep on the other side. If you are not able to flip your mattress because of a modification to the top such as a pillow top on a traditional mattress, then it is even more important to rotate it monthly.


If you do not rotate your latex mattress, then every night you will put pressure on the same basic area of the bed, while the rest of the mattress goes unused. In the short-term, this isn't an issue. Over time, your body weight will compress the latex in the same area every night and the material eventually breaks down. It will not provide you with the same support it did when it was new. This can lead to stiffness in the morning when you wake and will lead to you needing to replace your mattress faster than you would if you rotated it.


With a latex mattress, you do not need a box spring. Having it on a flat platform makes it easier to maneuver than a tradition mattress balanced on one or two box springs. An easy way to ensure that you rotate your mattress on schedule is to rotate it every time you change your sheets. This leads to you rotating the mattress more often than is necessary, but that will not harm the mattress.

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