Natural Ways to Get Rid of Spiders Inside of the Home

Because they have a ravenous appetite for bugs and other pests, spiders can be useful. While some people adopt a live-and-let-live attitude about them, not everyone wants to share a house with spiders--especially poisonous spiders like the brown recluse or black widow. For people with children or pets, spraying or fogging with toxic chemicals isn’t an option. Approaching the problem with the intent of getting spiders out of your house--and keeping them out--is the best way to ensure spiders don’t take up residence in your home.

Non-lethal Spider Removal

While beautiful in the garden perhaps, webs are usually not welcome in your home.

Capturing a spider to release outdoors works well if you only have a few spiders in your home. Place a clear cup over the spider. Gently wiggle a piece of paper underneath the cup, between the cup and the wall or floor. Continue to slowly work the paper under the cup until the spider is trapped in it. Hold the paper over the cup while you transport it outside for release. Remove the web and any egg sacs.

Lethal Spider Control

Spiders and insects with an exoskeleton can be eliminated with the use of diatomaceous earth (DE), a naturally occurring substance made from powdered plant fossils. The powder dries out their exoskeleton. Sprinkle a small amount of DE between the floor and wall, and in the back of closets. Sprinkle it lightly over carpeting and allow it to sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up. Buy only food-grade DE and keep pets and children out of the area until it's been vacuumed.

Organic Deterrents

Spiders don't like citrus scents. Spray the bristles of a broom or mop head with an organic citrus extract spray. Remove webs with the mop or broom to discourage spiders from returning. Spray weekly around doors and windows where spiders are entering your home, taking care not to spray on painted surfaces.

Eliminating Attractive Habitats

Spiders like spinning webs in areas with lots of clutter. Keep your house clean and remove attractive substances like untreated wood and cardboard boxes. Empty your garbage often to eliminate flies and gnats that attract spiders. Cover or remove pet food bowls after use. Locate yard and porch lights away from doors and windows, as lights bring insects for preying spiders.