Uses of a Carpet Extractor

A carpet extractor is a valuable tool for cleaning soiled and stained carpets.

Deep-Cleaning Carpets

They dump hot water on a carpet, employ motor-driven brushes to scrub the wet surface and then use vacuum suction to withdraw the water and soil. The carpet, though, is only one area that can be cleaned with a carpet extractor. The machines are multi-task tools that work well for a variety of applications. You only need a little education to understand what is possible with a carpet extractor.

A carpet extractor is the best tool for a thorough cleaning of any carpet. It provides a deep cleaning by loosening and pulling dirt and debris from carpets and rugs. Carpet extractors employ a mix of chemical and water to break down stained and badly soiled areas.

Auto Detailing

The vacuum hose at the local car wash is not the only tool available to clean your car's interior. Most of today's carpet cleaners also feature a hand-held hose with cleaning attachments that allow you to clean areas that are difficult to reach. Carpet extractors remove stains and dirt from a car's floorboards, seats and other carpeted or upholstered areas.

Furniture Cleaning

A carpet extractor that includes a hose and hand-held cleaning tools does a fine job when used to clean upholstered furniture. The water and chemicals remove oils, stains, dirt and other substances from sofas, chairs, ottomans and other pieces of upholstered furniture. You also can use a carpet extractor to clean the surface of a mattress on a bed.

Mat Cleaning

In addition to cleaning rugs and carpets, you can use a carpet extractor to remove dirt and debris from entrance mats. A carpet extractor removes the soil that is spread on indoor and outdoor mats by dirty feet.

Spot Cleaning

While carpet extractors often are used to clean an entire carpet, they also can be used to spot-clean specific areas, such as parts of a carpet that receive high traffic or where a spill has occurred.

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