Deck Patio Ideas for the Wheelchair Bound

Making outdoor decks and patios handicap accessible is not only a matter of convenience for wheelchair users and their families, but is also important for the safety of wheelchair users who live at home. Millions of Americans, spanning all ages, use wheelchairs to enhance their mobility, including their ability to get around their homes, lawns and gardens. Deck patio ideas for wheelchair access can make outdoor areas safe places for wheelchair users to enjoy the company of their families and friends.

Accessible Sliding Glass Doors

Handicap-accessible sliding glass doors that are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and have smooth edges that are easy to roll over in a wheelchair make great patio doors for wheelchair access. Have sliding glass doors open directly onto the patio or use a small ramp if necessary.

Level Decks and Patios

Rather than building a tiered deck or patio, make a patio that is on one level and doesn’t involve any steps or stairs to enter either the house or the yard. Handicap-accessible decks and patios should also be large enough to accommodate multiple chairs while also allowing wheelchair users space to maneuver to get in and out of the patio area.

Handicap Accessible Furniture

Moveable chairs and small tables can serve as handicap accessible deck furniture because the chairs can be adjusted easily to make room for wheelchairs. Get deck tables that fit wheelchair height so that wheelchair users can relax alongside guests who are using the patio chairs. You can also find picnic tables and benches that, while fixed, can be adjusted to provide wheelchair access in the place of one of the usual seats.

Smooth Patio Paths

Create smooth surface paths leading out from the patio into the lawn and garden that are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair access. Your patio can provide not only space for guests to relax and visit, but also a transitional area that allows wheelchair access to the lawn and garden as well.

Wheelchair-Friendly Gardens

Make the most of your wheelchair-friendly deck patio ideas with handicap-accessible gardens connected to the patio area. Use raised flowerbeds to allow wheelchair users easy access to the garden. Raised beds, along with adaptive gardening tools, can also make gardening accessible for wheelchair users, so that aging homeowners can continue to be involved in caring for their gardens and younger wheelchair users can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of garden tending.

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