Parts for Storm Doors

Storm doors are a necessity where the weather turns cold in winter, for they help to add another barrier between your entry door and the cold.


In fact, the storm door's role in making your house more energy efficient could get you tax credits. If you are thinking of replacing your storm door, it's a good idea to know about some of the parts for the storm door, for their quality can be a good indication of the door's effectiveness. .

Door closers do two things. First, they keep the door from opening so far it crashes against the side of the house or railing and potentially breaks the glass. Second, they allow the door to close in a controlled manner. In good quality storm doors, these closers are hydraulic, which allows for more controlled opening and closing. Some storm doors come with two closers: one on the top of the door and another on the bottom. Some of the closers come with a locking system that allows you to temporarily lock the door in an open position, which can be handy for carrying multiple items into the house. Other storm doors just have chains or a single closer that may have to be replaced after a season or two.


Storm doors should come with handles to allow you to open them. However, depending on the storm door manufacturer and price range, the type of handle that comes with the door varies. Some replacement storm doors come with handles that have lock-sets, which means the door can be considered a part of the home's security. Depending on the door's maker, you may even have a choice of materials for the handle such as brass, nickle or other materials.

Sweep or Kickplate

The sweep, or kickplate, on a storm door is located on the bottom front of the door, nearest the threshold. For some storm doors, this is part of the construction and is painted the same color as the rest of the door. For other models, the sweep or kickplate is decorative and can be made of the same material as the handle. This can make the storm door part of the house's decor, just as the entry doors are. Decorative kickplates or sweeps are an added cost, the price of the storm door will reflect this.

Replacement Parts

Perhaps you have a storm door that still has some life in it, but you wish to dress it up a little until you are able to spend the money on a new storm door. You can lightly sand then spray paint the storm door with Rust-Oleum or auto finish paint. You can upgrade the handle on the storm door by buying one that locks, upgrade the closers and even switch to a decorative kickplate that matched the new handle.

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