Stove Burner Types

Heather Clark

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. In terms of real estate, a kitchen can sometimes make or break a sale. It's no wonder that people obsess over every last detail when it comes to remodeling or building a kitchen. An especially important element is the range or stove top, which is something people can choose to suit their culinary tastes.

Open-Coil Electric

The stove top can be a key element in kitchen design.

Open-coil burners are a style offered for electric ranges. These burners are most common for electric units. The metal coils sit, slightly raised, on the cook top, while the elements are recessed. Drip pans in the recessed areas keep food and other debris out of the unit. Drip pans can become stained and unsightly over time, so cleaning or occasionally replacing them is usually necessary.

Smooth Top Electric

When an electric stove has a smooth top, a layer of glass sits on top of the heating elements. It provides a sleek and even cooking surface. Aside from aesthetics, many people enjoy smooth top burners because they are easier to clean that coils with drip pans. The downsides include higher energy consumption and slower heating times.

Gas Burners

Ranges featuring natural gas burners are especially favored among serious cooking enthusiasts. The open, adjustable flame and wide range of settings make precision temperature control possible. Specialized burners can be added to a gas cooktop for tasks such as quick boiling or simmering. Gas burners are available in open or sealed models. Sealed gas burners are usually preferred because they are easier to clean.