Declutter Checklist

Decluttering a space can be a daunting task. The amount of work involved might seem overwhelming, but it's quite possible to get it done in a timely manner. It's important to remain organized during the decluttering process, so a cleaning checklist can come in handy when organizing a living space.

Take One Room at a Time

The decluttering process will be faster if you concentrate on one area at a time. If you move from room to room, you are more likely to forget a few details along the way.

Start With Large Storage Areas

During the cleaning process, it's best to start with the larger storage areas in each room. For example, if you are cleaning the kitchen, start by cleaning out the refrigerator or pantry. If you are cleaning out a bedroom, start by cleaning out the closet.

Don't Forget the Smaller Spaces

Make sure to go through every drawer, cabinet and shelf. These small spaces can carry a lot of clutter.


Keep an empty box with you as you clean each room. If you have appliances, clothes or toys that you don't use but that are still in good condition, put them in the box. At the end of the decluttering process, take the box to a donations center.

Start Filing Things

It's a good idea to keep a stack of empty file folders in your home. As you come across loose papers, start organizing them into folders. Be sure to label the file folders so you can easily locate them later. A binder can store all of the take-out menus and restaurant flyers that might be floating around your house.

Don't Be Afraid to Throw Away

An easy way to get rid of clutter is to throw away things that have expired. This doesn't just apply to food. Medication and beauty products can expire, too. Keep a trash bag with you as you clean each room. You are more likely to throw things away if it's convenient to do so.

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