Latex Mattress Pros and Cons

Latex foam mattresses were hard to find for a while, but seem to be having a bit of a resurgence.


A latex mattress may be a good choice for your bedroom.
These mattresses are made from natural latex rubber, synthetic latex or a blend of the two. Different manufacturing processes, typified by Dunlop latex and the more expensive, high-tech Talalay latex, can determine the individual characteristics of latex mattresses. Carefully consider the pros and cons of these mattresses before making a purchase. The right mattress is critical to a good night's sleep, and you could be living with your choice for a long time. .

Latex mattresses are breathable. They will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They retain their shape and provide better support when moving around during sleep. Latex mattresses exert less pressure against your body than innersprings and will not creak noisily. Users of pillowtop innerspring mattresses should be aware that latex mattresses have a very different "solid" feel that can take some getting used to.


The flash-freeze vacuum-mold Talalay latex process creates a structure of even rubber cells. The older Dunlop process bakes the latex in a mold and results in a bottom-heavy mattress. Natural latex lasts 20 years or more and is biodegradable. It is resistant to mold, mildew, dust mites and bacteria. Natural latex gives off no fumes in the way that some polyurethane or memory foam mattresses do. However, some people may have an allergic reaction to a protein found in natural latex. Symptoms include rashes, breathing problems, or even shock in extreme cases. If you are allergic to latex, always check with your doctor before trying a latex mattress.

Owning a Latex Mattress

The cost of a natural latex mattress is higher than any other type of mattress for a comparable size. On the other hand, a high quality natural latex mattress will last considerably longer than other mattresses. Another significant consideration is that latex mattresses are quite heavy. While this provides a very stable surface that doesn't shift, the mattresses are a little more difficult to pick up and move.

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