Quick and Easy Ways to Paint Porch Rails

Andrea Griffith

After years of wear and tear, porch rails may become chipped, leaving them look outdated. Some homeowners may find they just want a new look. There are three quick and very simply ways to paint your porch rails so they look like new.

2-inch Brush

Quickly paint your porch rails any color you like.

You can quickly paint your porch rails using two very easy tricks. First, use a small brush. The smaller brush will perfectly coat and paint the rails without excess paint falling off the ends of the brush. Although you'll have little or no paint drips, it's still a good idea to lay tarps down under the rails to protect the porch from any accidents. Second, use a plastic cup. Instead of lugging a large paint can outside or filling up a paint tray, fill a large plastic cup with the paint. This way, you can hold the cup in your non-dominant hand and paint with your dominant hand. You'll have the paint with you where ever you go, which will help you paint much quicker.

Mini-Paint Roller Kit

You can purchase mini-roller kits any home improvement store to quickly and easily paint your rails. The kit will come with a foam, 4-inch roller, handle and a mini-paint tray. The tiny roller will help you effortlessly and without streaks paint the rails without a big mess. The foam on the roller also will help you paint even decorative or shaped rails with ease. And the small paint tray will make it much easier for you to work quickly.

Spray Paint

The fastest and easiest way to paint your porch rails is with outdoor spray paint. You may, however, need the assistance of a friend. You can lay tarps on the bottom of the porch to prevent spray from dripping, but enlist a friend to hold a tarp behind the rails where you're spray to avoid getting the spray everywhere else. Spray paint comes in a wide variety of colors and even in primers to give your porch rails a even and thick coat. Simply shake up the can and apply a light and even spray along the rails.