Ideas on Decorating a Foundation That Sits Up High

Ruth O'Neil

With all the options available to consumers, people can spend a lot of time and money decorating the inside of their homes and landscaping the outside. Foundations also should be taken into consideration when decorating. Some houses have tall foundations that allow the house to sit higher; a house on a hill may make one side of the foundation appear very high. Decorate your foundation to fit your landscaping.


Give your foundation a simple paint job. Paint it a color that coordinates with your house or blends in with the nearby landscaping. Make any structural repairs on the foundation before painting. Cover the entire foundation with an outdoor primer, then apply an outdoor paint. This works well for foundations that are relatively smooth, such as brick. For best results, use a vinyl enamel paint.

Paint landscaping images on the foundation if you do not want to put plants around it. This is good for foundations that are high because of area flooding, which can wash out many of the plants around a foundation. Paint the foundation with a primer, then paint shrubs, flowers, bushes and/or plants on the foundation. Allow the decorative paint to dry completely, following the manufacturer's instructions. Apply a sealer over the top of the painted decorations to help them last.


Give your foundation a new look by covering it with stucco. Stucco is a type of cement that is applied to walls, ceilings or foundations using a large putty knife. Stucco gives smooth foundations a textured look. Add tint to your stucco before applying if you want a specific color, or wait until the applied stucco is dry and then paint it. Use a deep nap roller or a paint sprayer.

Decorative Panels

Cover up your foundation if painting is not an option, such as with rock foundations that are not smooth. Make sure your foundation is in excellent repair before adding the cover. Choose panels that look like brick or rock. Unless you are very knowledgeable in this type of work, leave it to the professionals. You want to make sure the cover properly fits over the existing foundation so as not to let in any moisture. Find different foundation covers at a home improvement store.