Faucet Water Filters That Remove Arsenic

You must drink water to stay healthy, but when water contains harmful contaminants, such as arsenic, use filtration systems to remove them from your water supply. Arsenic is a naturally-occurring semi-metal that enters drinking water from the ground. You can neither taste nor smell arsenic, but you will notice its mild to serious effects on your health after prolonged ingestion. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that arsenic is linked to several types of cancer and can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting numbness, blindness and paralysis.

PureEarth Technologies

Attach an arsenic water filter to your kitchen sink.

PureEarth sells arsenic water filters for the whole house and for countertop, under-the-sink and refrigerator water filtration.  The AD-2710-S cartridge filters out arsenic III and Arsenic V from 1000 gallons of water.

It is used under the counter and in countertop filtration systems.  PureEarth also has an inline arsenic water filter for use with a refrigerator, ice machine or coffee maker and single, double and triple countertop and under-the-counter water filters.

The triple water filter models are recommended for well water since it is a standing water supply. 

Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest's arsenic filters are designed with up to eight levels of filtration to filter our arsenic and other water pollutants.  The water passes through a solid carbon cartridge that removes pesticides and other chemicals before it flows into the arsenic-selective resin cartridge.

After water passes through the arsenic filtration stage, it goes through six more stages of filtration.  These other stages use micron filter pads to filter out particles in the water, a metal-based media to filter out chlorine, ion-exchange resins to remove heavy metals and to soften the water and granulated activated carbon (GAC) to remove contaminants, including pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOC) Crystal Quest arsenic filters are sold in several model styles.

The company has single, double and triple countertop models in both white and stainless steel finishes.  These models come with a hose attachment that fits over the sink faucet and a valve that makes it easier to switch from the filter to the sink water.

Crystal Quest also sells single, double and triple under-sink water filter systems that are hooked up to the water pipe and their own sink-mounted faucets To filter the water supply to the whole house, Crystal Quest has whole house arsenic water filters.  These systems not only remove arsenic and other contaminants from the drinking water, but they also remove contaminants from the washing and cleaning water as well.

Wholly Water

Wholly Water by Life Streams International produces under-the-sink and whole house arsenic water filters.  The under-the-sink models filter water in two parts; first through the main filter part and then through the arsenic and fluoride add-on filter.

The purified water is then fed to its sink-mounted faucet.  Wholly Water's whole house filters have two to three tank options available in various sizes for small apartments to large houses.

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