Ways to Remove Chewing Gum From the Bottom of Your Shoe

When you step in gum, you can't always immediately take the necessary measures to completely remove the sticky nuisance from the bottom of your shoe. Sometimes the only thing you can do at the time is scrape the bottom of the shoe against a hard surface to remove as much of the gum as possible. The last thing you want to do is be unaware of the gum's presence and step into your vehicle or home. Once you take off your shoe, several methods will remove the gum.


Gum doesn't always stay in the mouth.

WD-40 is a trade name for a product packaged in a spray can with a multitude of uses, such as protecting metals from corrosion, penetrating stuck parts, lubrication, displacing moisture and cleaning grease. Some people also use it to remove gum from the bottom of shoes. Spray the gummy area with the WD-40, and let it sit for about three minutes. Use a rag to wipe off the offending gum. With a little persistence, you can remove the sticky substance.

Peanut Butter

A long held practice is to use peanut butter to remove bubblegum stuck in hair. By rubbing a bit of peanut butter into the stuck gum, the gum disperses and washes from the hair. You can also use peanut butter to remove gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe. Use a spoonful of peanut butter as you would a cleaning solution, and scrub off the gum with a rag. After removing the gum, wash the bottom of the shoe with a little warm water and soap to remove the oils left from the peanut butter.


Use the freezer and a plastic bag to remove a fresh glob of gum stuck to the bottom of the shoe. Don't attempt to scrape off a portion of the gum prior to using this method. Place the shoe in a plastic bag, and squish the sticky gum onto the inside of the plastic bag. Set the bag with the shoe in the freezer, and leave it for about two hours. When you remove the bag from the freezer, the gum, stuck firmly to the inside of the bag, should pull free of the shoe when you remove the shoe from the bag.

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