Different Types of Alarms

Alarm systems are used in almost all major businesses nowadays, but many homes are turning to the use of home burglar alarm systems. Burglar alarms systems serve several purposes. They protect your family from imminent danger, protect your belongings from theft and protect your home from internal vandalism. Because of this, investing in a home alarm system is a wise choice.

Burglar Alarms

Many homes, as well as most business, employ some type of alarm system.

Choosing a burglar alarm takes careful consideration. You must figure out the needs of your home and your family, then decide which type of burglar alarm system fits those needs. Because they have different features and are of different costs, you must not assume all burglar alarms are the same.

There are two many types of burglar alarms: monitored alarms and bells-only alarms.

Bells-Only Alarms

Bells-only alarms are burglar alarms that simply set off a loud noise that can be heard for a relatively long distance. A bells-only alarm doesn't not contact the police or any other emergency squad or dispatcher. Bells-only alarms employ sirens, bells, chimes, or some other loud, penetrable noise thats purpose is to alert homeowners, as well as possibly alert neighbors and discourage and frighten away burglars in the act of breaking and entering. Bells-only alarms are the cheaper type of alarm, so they're great for families who have a lower budget.

Monitored Alarms

Monitored alarms may or may not employ sirens, bells, chimes, or other loud noises to discourage or frighten burglars in the act, but they do contact police and/or other emergency squads and dispatchers when the alarm has been set off. This is an excellent safely feature. If an intruder happens to be armed and dangerous, this will ensure that police or other emergency squads are on their way to protect homeowners and their home.

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