Ideas for Backyard Basketball Courts

The backyard is an ideal space to build a basketball court so that you and your children can have fun in the privacy of your property. Although you may find some neighbors with portable basketball hoops in the driveway, having the additional space in your backyard gives you free range of motion when playing a game. Try some creative ideas to construct a backyard court.

Standard Court

Traditional outdoor basketball courts are made with asphalt.

The standard outdoor basketball court is designed with black asphalt and has white lines that section off each side of the court as well as the three-point line. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can either design a half-sized basketball court to be installed or you can plan on installing a full-size basketball court so that you have more space to play. You can also choose the size of the actual court you want to build; the traditional size of a basketball court is 94 feet in length by 50 feet in width. This can be adjusted depending on the size of your backyard and how much space you are willing to dedicate for this purpose.

Remodeled Court

If your house came with a basketball court already installed in the backyard or if you had one built when you first moved into your home, you can plan to remodel the court. Instead of the traditional, asphalt court, replace it with either a concrete court or install a rubber-based flooring that is sometimes used with indoor courts; this type of flooring is weather resistant and can be done in different colors. Have the court match the outside of your home or design it in any color that fits your personality or style. In addition to changing the color of the court, customize it to any size needed.

Multi-Use Court

You can design the basketball court in your backyard to be used for multiple sports. The main idea behind the court is to have it set up like a basketball court, but you can construct it so that it can be easily changed. You can place portable basketball hoops at each end instead of installing them into the ground; this way they can be easily removed when needed. This multi-use court can be set up to transform into a tennis court or any other sports activity that requires a lot of space spread over a flat surface. Other ideas for the use of a backyard basketball court other than sports related include an extended patio area or an area for your children to play board games while outside. When you are entertaining, you can place patio furniture on the court so that your guests have more than one area to relax.

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