Types of Fences & Walls in Phoenix

Jonathan McLelland

Phoenix, Arizona, features several zoning laws regarding fences for residential and commercial properties. Like many other cities across the nation, residents must follow the zoning ordinances regarding the fence type and height when planning to erect a fence. Before purchasing a fence, contact the local zoning office to determine if the rules regarding property fences have altered, or if a special permit is required.

Standard Yard Fences

Walls and fences in Phoenix must adhere to city zoning rules.

The City of Phoenix allows residents to place a fence in their front and back yards. In the front yard, a homeowner may erect a fence up to 3 feet tall. The fence can be made out of standard steel wiring, wood or wrought iron. Toward the rear of a property, homeowners may erect a fence up to 6 feet tall. Back yard fences can be made out of wire mesh, wood, wrought iron as well as cinder blocks. While these restrictions are applicable to all properties within Phoenix, homeowners wishing to erect a taller fence in their front or back yards may apply for a zoning adjustment variance. As of 2010, the cost for applying for a variance is $350 for residential properties and $985 for non-residential properties.

Private Tennis Courts

Residential tennis courts must be fenced in. The City of Phoenix zoning ordinance requires all private tennis courts to have a fence at least 6 feet in height. If you desire a taller tennis court fence, you must contact the zoning department to determine if a permit is required. The type of fence able to be constructed for a tennis court can be manufactured out of standard wire fencing, wood or wrought iron.

Swimming Pool Fences

Public and private swimming pools within Phoenix are required to have a barrier fence. This fence must be constructed around any body of water measuring 18 inches deep. The fence must be constructed out of non-climbable materials, and it must be at least 5 feet tall. If a wire mesh fence is used, the mesh must feature an opening no larger than 1 3/4 inch. No opening within the fence can be wider than 4 inches, and all latches must be at least 4 1/2- feet tall. The fence must be constructed at least 20 inches away from the water's edge.