Problems With MAAX Spas

According to the Epartnersolutions website, MAAX Spas is a company that manufactures spa machines under brand names such as Coleman, Elite, Savannah and California Cooperage. It is one of the top three spa manufacturers, and the firm's uses more than 400 dealers as distribution centers throughout North America and Europe. In spite of such success, its customers periodically encounter trouble with their spas. For the most part, the common problems are ones you can work out by consulting the manual.

System Failure

MAAX Spas are relatively easy to maintain, with user-serviceable problems.

In case of system failure, the MAAX Spas Owner's Manual advises you to check your house circuit breaker, and your GFCI, which, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is a ground fault circuit interrupter. If these parts of your spa have tripped, reset them. If it's your ground fault circuit interrupter that has malfunctioned, replace it. Without that piece of equipment, you could incur electric shock. As the CPSC website points out, faulty or absent GFCI's contribute to about 300 electrocutions yearly.

Heater Malfunction

If your heater doesn't seem to work, check your spa settings. Are they on "Heat?" If not, a simple adjustment can lead to improved performance. In addition, look at your water levels. If they are low, refill your tank with water. Because spas work on heat and steam, water vaporizes over time.

According to the manual, if the heater itself is the culprit, however, call a technician. It is likely that you need a new heater.

Poor Water Chemistry

According to the MAAX Spas Owner's Manual, maintaining solid water chemistry is paramount. You must keep a residual amount of sanitizer in the water tank at all times. Sanitizing chemicals, such as bromide and chlorine, are essential for insuring that harmful bacteria do not affect your health as you use your spa. Also, bad water chemistry can result if you do not regularly maintain your pH balance. The pH is the balance between alkalinity and acidity of a substance, such as water. An unhealthy pH balance, indeed, can render the sanitizer in your spa ineffective.

Dirty Water

If the water in your spa is filthy, it could be that the spa's suction tubes have a clog or a block in them. According to the manual, if you find this problem to be the culprit, take the tubes off and clear the debris from them. In addition, check your filter periodically. You may need to take it out of the spa, and clean the filter, or you may need to replace it if it has become too filthy to perform well.

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