Features of a Gas Cooktop

Homeowners get to choose between using a gas and an electric cooktop. Gas cooktops require a gas line. The gas cooktops require more cleaning and cooking, and the cooks can struggle to cook foods at lower temperatures. Gas cooktops tend not to heat as evenly. However, chefs can more easily get the burners at the right cooking temperature with gas cooktops than they can with electric cooktops. These gas cooktops create an actual flame that heats up the pots and pans. When purchasing a gas cooktop, homeowners can choose among a variety of features that come with various different brands of cooktops.


Gas stoves come with a variety of features.

Deep recessed cooktops help store inevitable spills, helping with cleaning. Sealed cooktop burners also help with cleaning. Homeowners have an easier time cleaning smoothtop cooktops because these cooktops lack grooves, which can get in the way of the cleaning. The worst cooktops for cleaning often have a lot of seams where spills and grease accumulate.


Cooktops include removable grates that the cook places the pots and pans on. With cooktops that have dishwasher-safe grates, owners can clean quickly. Some designers make the grates continuous so that cookers can move pots and pans efficiently around the cooktop. The grates must have durability since they will sometimes hold heavy objects while subjected to very high temperatures, which can encourage warping with less durable grates.


Cooktops with gas burners often come with multiple kinds of burners for different purposes. The simmer burner helps with cooking delicate sauces. The dual-flame stacked burner helps cooks heat up large pots. The all-purpose burners can cook almost any kind of dish. Gas cooktops tend to have burners that can get much hotter than electric cooktops. The more expensive cooktops tend to have a greater variety of burners for different size pots and pans since heat tends to travel when it is not being absorbed into an object. However, most homeowners will not need seven burners. Designers usually create cooktops with so many burners for restaurants and other professional establishments.


The owner should have an easy time accessing the knobs used for controlling the cooktop. Oftentimes, the owner can take off the knobs to wash them in the dishwasher. Digital touchpads help owners more accurately set the heat than the knobs. Some come with safety switches to prevent toddlers from accidentally turning on the stove, which can cause the home to fill up with natural gas, a potential fire hazard.