Ideas for Tile in Tubs & Showers

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you may be considering a tile design for your tub or shower area. Tile floors and walls are very common in bathrooms, especially around the shower area, where they can easily take the place of drywall but give the bathroom a more stylish look than simple fiberglass frames. If you are wondering what designs you can make using tile in your bathroom, start by picking out a tile materials, such as ceramic tile or stone. There are many popular bathroom plans for every kind of tile.


Use tile borders and mosaics when tiling your shower.

Mosaics are tile designs that form intricate patterns or pictures. Many mosaics are made with a section of small tiles only an inch or so across, but you can also create mosaics using regular-sized tiles of different colors. A shower mosaic makes a great, waterproof piece of art that highlights the shower area easily. You can hire a professional to create a mosaic piece for you, but this will be more expensive.


Borders for bathroom tile are very common, especially if you have two different colors you want to use. When considering borders, think about installing them in unusual areas. Most people have borders on the top or bottom of their tiled walls, but you can also put a border line on the floor to mark off your tub area, or a border around the inside of the shower space. Think about adding a vertical border or a center band as other alternatives.

Staggered Borders

If you want to try something unusual with your tiled shower area, then set it aside with a staggered border. Many people have flat borders in square or rectangle shapes along each wall of their bathroom. Break up the monotony by creating several shelves of tile leading slowly upward. You can also create high and low columns of tile for a more vibrant design.

Use Alternative Tile Materials

You may have chosen ceramic or stone tiles for your bathroom design, but that does not mean you need to stick with this material everywhere. Think about creating squares or diamonds of other tile materials like porcelain or glass tile. Mirror tiles are also available, giving you a variety of options for creating unique borders.

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