Creative Ways to Display Award Ribbons

Once you've walked away from a competition with a ribbon, you probably want to display it to remind yourself of your accomplishment. After a few wins, you may start to collect quite a few ribbons and need a creative way to display them that keeps them visible while also keeping them looking neat and out of the way. Look for places in your home where a ribbon display can fit and not detract from the general decor. Small spaces or corners that are well lit and viewable from other areas work best.

Ribbon Banner

Figuring out how to organize your ribbons so they can still be displayed can be a tricky problem.

Create a unique banner all the way across your wall, mantle, or doorway with your ribbons. Use a hook or nail on either side of the space, then tie yarn or ribbon securely from one side to the other. Attach or hook your ribbons onto the hanging banner. Don't worry if it dips down in the middle; banners often do. When more ribbons are won, simply add another string onto the next wall or area.

Award Jar

Fill a large, clear jar with all of your awards. Not only does this provide a way to display them all together, but it can also keep them free of dirt or wear and tear. Your award jar can be kept on a side table, nightstand, bookshelf, or other viewable spot.

Hat Rack

Use a hat rack to show off your achievements. Hang different ribbons on each side of the hat rack, letting longer ones hang in the back and shorter ones up front. You can even attach ribbons down the pole of the rack with glue, tape, or wire. This tall display is perfect for bedroom corners, hallways, or smaller spaces that need brightening up.

Cork Boards

Using cork boards is an effective solution for ribbon display because they are made to hold materials tacked into them. Use a tack or a straight pin to attach each ribbon on your board. If you have a lot, layer them very close together. If you only have a few, you may want to use them on the corners and around the edges of the cork board. Then you can fill the center with photos of your competitions.

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