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Lincoln Lincwelder 225 Specs

Mollee D. Harper

Welding is considered a highly-skilled industrial trade and involves the fabrication or sculpting of metals using heat. Welding equipment produces a gas flame, electric arc, laser or ultrasound, which softens or melts the metal work-piece, allowing the welder to sculpt, reshape or create a strong joint for connection to a separate application. The electric-powered high-performance Lincoln TIG 225 Welder was designed for the popular, manual shielding-metal-arc welding method.

Welding Applications

The art of uniting metal parts.

The Lincoln 225 Welder is most commonly used for general fabrication, industrial work and automotive repair applications, as well as vocational school training. The Lincoln 225 is also a popular choice for metal-work contractors, artists and hobbyists. The 230 amps of pure welding power provides arc-welders with precision in the heating and welding of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and other metals.

Physical Attributes:

The hefty Lincoln 225 Welder is 31.2 inches by 19.8 inches by 38 inches in size, and weighs 258-pounds. The precision TIG 225 unit includes a 150-amp TIG Pro-Torch, with torch storage compartment and hanger, providing for easy organization. A gas regulator with hose, 9-foot input power-cord, and a 10-foot flexible work cable and clamp, are all standards attributes of the 225 welder. Under-storage cart and foot control options are also available.

Power Features:

The Lincoln 225 Welder delivers extremely low stable amperage at start-up, with a maximum of 230 amps of output power, providing welders with a diverse and wide welding range for all applications, including superior performance in a stick welder mode. A built-in pulser in the Lincoln 225 controls heat at the weld, while 115-volt auxiliary power receptacles provide 20 amps of output for water coolers and tools. Standard NEMA 6-50 plug and receptacle protect from power surge on the input power cord.

Safety Advisement:

Welders should always wear protective eye-wear, face shields and gloves when using the Lincoln TIG 225 Welder to avoid burns, electric shock, inhaling poisonous fumes, eye damage and overexposure to light.