Underwear Drawer Storage Ideas

An undergarment drawer easily becomes a mess of balled-up undies without an organizational system.

Drawer Divider

Drawer dividers keep underwear sorted by style.Drawer dividers keep underwear sorted by style.
Before you decide how to organize your underwear within the drawer, take time to sort through them. Get rid of old underwear that you never wear to reduce the clutter in the drawer. Group the undergarments by type or style so you can place like items together within the drawer.

Drawer dividers typically come in either wood or plastic and fit into your drawer to divide it into different sections. Many dividers are customizable so you can make the sections the right size for your underwear categories. Consider the different groupings of underwear you have when selecting a set of drawer dividers. Some sets create two or three larger areas in the drawer, while others make several smaller sections.

Plastic Tubs

Plastic tubs offer an inexpensive way to store your underwear within the drawer. Measure the height of the drawer, taking into account any ledges or stops on the drawer that the tubs might hit. Most stores sell a variety of plastic tub-style storage, with and without lids. You probably won't want to use the lids inside the drawer. Empty butter tubs or similar plastic containers also work for an even thriftier storage option. Arrange the tubs within the drawer and fill them with the underwear.

Zippered Bags

Cloth zippered bags offer a softer form of storage for your undergarments. Look in the laundry section for small bags that will work for this purpose. Tuck away each type of underwear in a separate bag and stack all of the bags within the drawer. If the bags don't have a see-through area, create a label for the outside of the bag to easily identify the type of underwear you want each day. Another option is to color code the bags.


For a more decorative look inside the drawer, try a series of small baskets that fit easily in the space. Wicker might snag your favorite underwear, especially if they are made of lace. Look for baskets with cloth liners or choose plastic baskets to avoid ruining your underwear. The size of the baskets depends on the dresser drawer size and the number of undergarments you have in each category.

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