Fence Ideas Using Pipes

Making a fence for your garden or property using pipes is an inexpensive alternative to traditional wood, metal or vinyl designs. PVC pipes and copper pipes can make attractive fence designs, if you learn how to effectively join the components using adhesives and fittings. Make a decorative copper fence that will become more beautiful with age, or construct a PVC pipe fence that you can paint to fit your outdoor decor.

Pipe Trellis Fence

Make a semi-private fence with pipes by building trellises and joining them in a row. You can easily build trellis designs using copper pipe and PVC pipe. Make the vertical support frames as tall as you like and add horizontal pipe supports to create a structure for vines filled with flowers and foliage. A pipe trellis fence covered with evergreen climbers, such as ivy, can be an effective privacy fence for your property.

PVC Pipe Picket Fence

Create a picket-style fence to border your flower bed or your property using PVC pipe. They come in a variety of diameters, so you can tailor the fence to suit your landscape. Large 2-inch to 4-inch diameter pipes are good choices for the fence posts. PVC caps can top the posts along the length of the fence.

Slide and glue slip-T connectors over the top horizontal support beam so you can attach smaller PVC pipes vertically to create the picket style. Join the pipes to the fittings with the traditional plumbing method of PVC primer and cement. You can also use waterproof construction adhesive. The two-step PVC product process dries quicker than the construction adhesive but you may find the construction adhesive easier to work with.

Post and Beam Copper Pipe Fence

Border your property with a copper pipe fence designed in the traditional post and beam style. Place vertical copper pipes as the fence posts, then connect each post with narrower copper pipes placed horizontally. As with the PVC pipe fence designs, use plumbing end caps to top the posts and slip-T connectors to join the horizontal pipes to the vertical posts. Soldering copper is not difficult but it requires special tools and knowledge. If you would prefer not to solder the pipes together, use waterproof construction adhesive to make the connections.

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