Strapping Tools for Firewood Bundles

Rachel Murdock

Stacking and carrying firewood can be a tedious and time-consuming process. If you sell firewood, it is difficult to measure, price and sell if it is loose. Bundling firewood makes it easier to carry, sell and use. Tools for bundling firewood range from simple to complex systems.

Simple Tools

It is difficult to use loose firewood.

The simplest tools for bundling firewood include cords, twine and plastic shrink wrap. To use these tools, place the bundling material on the ground, lay wood over it, then wrap the cord, twine or shrink wrap around the wood and fasten. Sisal twine is burnable and does not smoke, so some prefer it as a bundling material.

Shrink Wrap Firewood Bundler

A more complex tool is a mechanical firewood bundler. To use one, place your firewood on the frame, then turn the crank on the bundler machine to automatically wrap shrink wrap around the wood. This bundles wood in less than a minute.

Poly-strapping Machine

A poly-strapping machine portions a bundle of firewood, rolls a poly-strap around it and allows you to manually install a clamp on the poly-strap to hold the wood in place. A tension adjuster allows you to tighten the strap to the appropriate tension to hold a bundle in place tightly.

Tabletop Strapping Machines

Tabletop strapping machines are made for either packages or firewood. They come in automatic and manual versions, and tighten and hold bundles together with the push of a button or turn of a crank. They use strong poly straps to secure the wood, and fasten with metal fasteners.