Tricks for the Samsung RF26 Refrigerator

Angel Kylos

The Samsung RF26 (RF26XAERS / RF267AERS / RF267AE) refrigerator is a 26 cubic feet model with a French door and bottom freezer. Its Twin Cooling System® cools the fridge and freezer separately, keeping frozen food and produce fresh longer. In their reviews, consumers share how to take advantage of its features and options for maximum efficiency and storage organization. They also offer advice on fixing flaws, or getting around the glitches with practical alternatives.

Measure to Be Sure

Optimize the uses of this favorite kitchen appliance.

If you're considering buying this model, allow ample space behind it and on both sides. Kitchen cabinets may get in the way. Ensure that there's enough clearance for the French doors.

Maximize Performance

This model's special functions, energy efficiency and kid accessibility make it a family-friendly fridge. The trick is to use these attributes to the max.

The "Power Freeze" and "Power Cool" features boast a 10-degree temperature drop in minutes. Chill beverages instantly with "Power Cool." The "Power Freeze" does the job pronto, but don't go to extremes. If you set the temperature below zero, your ice cream will turn rock-hard solid. The refrigerator is equipped with two cooling zones. The "Pantry" compartment at the bottom has its own temperature settings. Choose the temperature appropriate for your food: "Deli" is around 41 degrees, "Fresh" is 38, and "Chilled" is 34. Select "Chilled" for certain foods that may easily spoil or if you simply prefer them ice cold. Turn off the "Energy Saver" mode if condensation forms on the doors.

The "Pizza Pocket" inside the freezer door accommodates a 16 inch box. It takes a bit of moving and maneuvering other items to slip in the pizza. The egg bin, with a capacity for two dozen eggs, does double duty as a container for mini packets of condiments and bite-size snacks.

Play around with the adjustable heights of the top and middle shelves to accommodate various-sized containers and tall bottles. The flap and the slide-in features of the left and right shelf sections allow some flexibility as well. The EZ-Open Handle™ at the bottom freezer is designed for kids' easy access. Store their favorite snacks at this level.

Cleaning Tips

The "Spill-proof" shelves have their limits in preventing leaks to the lower shelves. If you're thawing food, put it in a tray or a bowl to catch the liquid dripping from the melting food.

To keep the shine on the stainless steel exterior, use a stainless steel cleaner that also protects the surface from smudges and water marks.

Icemaker Issues

There's consumer consensus that the ice maker does not produce enough of the stuff. Chill out with simple solutions. Collect ice from the ice dispenser and store it in a bucket in the freezer. Refill your ice bucket as needed to keep a steady supply. Make more ice the old-fashioned way by putting ice trays in the freezer.

Switch to the "Power Freeze" mode to accelerate the ice-making process. Decrease the temperature level. Do not open the door too often or for too long. Check if the water pressure is working properly. Normally, it takes around 11 seconds to fill a 6 oz. glass. If the water dispenser is operating slowly, remove the water filter and fill a glass again. If the dispenser speeds up, you know that the filter needs replacement.