Enclosed Deck Ideas for Mobile Homes

A mobile home might constitute a thrifty approach to living, especially in your retirement. Enjoy your mobile home deck space throughout the year by enclosing it with affordable materials. This recreational space may also be heated or cooled according to your needs. Look into costs for window units, central heating and cooling, air vents and fans and other methods to keep the enclosed environment comfortable.

Wood Roof and Railings

Deck enclosures may be a plastic sun room suspended from a canopy.

A deck enclosure does not have to be totally sealed off from the outside. If you have a single-wide or double-wide mobile home erected on concrete blocks, use wood to construct a deck. This idea may require constructing a wooden staircase with handrails to reach the ground. You can partially enclose the deck with posts and rails about 3- to 4-feet high. A wood roof extending over the entire deck area protects the wood floor from direct exposure to rain and sunlight and provides a shady space for recreation.

Deck Kits

A deck kit is an idea that comes in a box. You can measure the space outside your mobile home and choose the design that will work for your needs. One kit that stands out for its low price compared to wood decks with partial or full enclosures is the screen room kit. This kit can be built on an existing deck or atop gravel, concrete, wood, paved or grassy areas next to the mobile home. Just build the screen room with doors and windows around an aluminum or vinyl frame according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you need heating or cooling, you might need a vinyl sun room instead of a screen room.

Walls Only

If you've already made a covered shelter of aluminum, vinyl, wood or another material, you don't have to plan a new deck enclosure. You don't need to build a whole sunroom enclosure with a standard patio cover or screen kit, or even an entire vinyl siding room; you can order a "walls only" kit from a manufacturer. You need a roof and a floor because a good kit includes its own extruded aluminum walls and screening.

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