Models of Wedgewood Gas Stoves

Among its lines of chassis components, seating hardware systems and windows and doors, Atwood of Elkhart, Indiana, produces gas stoves bearing the Wedgewood name for recreational vehicles.

High-Output Range

Atwood products are sold in both the United States and Canada.Atwood products are sold in both the United States and Canada.
The three models are a high-output range, a wide-door output range and a high-output cooktop. Various accessories for these stoves are also available.

The high-output Wedgewood Vision range is a gas stove equipped with linear valves that allow it to operate at a large range of temperatures and settings, from simmer to boil, according to Atwood. Maximum output for the burners is 9,000 BTUs in the front and 6,500 BTUs in the back. Two types of high-output Vision ranges are available: one with a 17-inch-tall oven and one with a 21-inch-tall oven.

Wide-Door Range

The wide-door, high-output Wedgewood Vision range is similar to the Wedgewoodf high-output range. Oven door heights and burner capacities are the same. The wide-door range, however, has a bigger door. Additionally, it is equipped with a single and centralized output burner that improves flame distribution, according to Atwood.


A cooktop differs from a full range in that it is nothing more than the burners and their controls. Otherwise, the Wedgewood cooktop is identical to the two full-size ranges. The cooktop is designed for tight spaces and kitchens that have ovens but no stoves.

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