How to Remove Casement Windows

If you are remodeling your home, or i surveying your property for maintenance needs, you may need to remove casement windows. Casement windows are windows that open via hinges rather than sliding in a frame. They are not hard to remove, but you do need to know what steps to take and what tools to use. Below is a quick guide to casement window removal.


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  1. Insert the putty knife in the gap between the molding and the extension jam. Work your way around, tapping on the end of the putty knife with the hammer to loosen the molding.
  2. Insert the crowbar between the loosened molding and the extension jam. Pry the molding off, working your way around. You can save the molding if it is in good shape, or you can replace it when you insert a new window.
  3. Pull out the nails that secure the exposed extension jam and remove the jamb.


  1. Slip the pry bar or shingle thief underneath the first row of shingles. Use the shingle thief to cut through the nails holding the shingle in place and to pry the shingle off. Remove the stubs of the nails as you go.
  2. Remove the shingles and nails from around the window.
  3. Remove the nails that hold the window in place and slip the window out of position.

Things You Will Need

  • Putty knife
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Shingle thief


  • Most windows are placed higher than the average person can reach, requiring that a worker use a ladder. If you need to do so, have someone spot you and assist in getting the window down to the ground after removal so you don't lose your balance. Wear workman's gloves while taking out the window--splinters from the molding and extension jams can get into the skin and under nails, and rusty nails can puncture the skin, as well, leading to infections.

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