How to Install a Doorbell Button

Installing a new wireless doorbell is a great way to improve your home, learn how to remove an old doorbell and install a new one with expert tips and advice on home improvement in this free video.

About the Author

Chad Smith is a Journeyman Wireman who has always had a knack for Electrical work. Even at a young age, Chad would take apart small appliances to see how they would work. In His mid- twenties Chad saw an ad in a local newspaper where he grew up in Red Oak, Iowa. The ad was for an electrician’s helper, and so the story begins. Within a month he had a company truck and was given his first major job; rewiring a window manufacturing company. This was a huge opportunity for a guy only in the trade for a month. In 1993 He was introduced to the IBEW international brotherhood of electrical workers. He had been in the trade for a little more than a year and he had passed the Journeyman wireman exam. This feat takes most electricians at least five years. Chad moved to California in 1998. He quickly became certified for the state and still practices his trade in Los Angeles and Orange counties.