Rubber Stamp Storage Ideas

Drea Christopher

When used with vibrant stamping ink, rubber stamps add such eye-catching embellishment to handmade greeting cards, gift tags and scrapbook pages, it's easy to amass a collection of the crafting tools. Whether you prefer rubber stamps mounted on traditional wood blocks or unmounted rubber stamps that you affix to acrylic blocks before use, choosing convenient storage is the key to quickly accessing the designs you need for each project.

Use Shallow Drawers

Store rubber stamps for easy access.

Find cabinets or plastic drawer units with drawers shallow enough to hold just one or two layers of wood-mounted rubber stamps. Stacking stamps in more than two layers makes finding designs too time consuming, while using deeper drawers to hold a single layer is a waste of space. Look for map or document drawer units that feature drawers of the perfect depth with front-mounted label holders to help you organize contents.

Install Photo Shelves

Check home decor shops for shallow photo shelves designed to display framed photos on walls. Mount shelves on a blank wall or behind a door so they resemble ladder rungs going up the wall. Measure how tall your largest wood-mounted stamp is when standing on its side, then add an inch and use that as the space to leave between the shelves. Organize stamps so each shelf holds designs by theme, size, style or manufacturer. With stamps situated upright with designs facing toward you, you'll be able to find the one you need instantly.

Buy Acrylic Box Frames

Purchase inexpensive acrylic box photo frames to use as rubber stamp storage. Recycle the cardboard insert that comes within the frame and invert the acrylic shell to hold a single layer of wood-mounted rubber stamps. Designate one frame per theme. Arrange stamps until the entire tray is full, then stamp the designs onto a piece of paper to store inside the frame to remind you where each stamp belongs. Stack the frames inside a deep drawer or on a bookshelf, for example.

Save Money with Boxes

Save money when storing large rubber stamp collections by housing groups in shoe boxes, photo boxes or small plastic storage tubs. Although you'll be able to clean stamps up quickly with this toss-and-go method, you'll also need to spend more time finding the stamp you need in the disorganized boxes. Know exactly what stamps are in each container by tacking a detailed list to the side or lid.

Try Binders for Unmounted Stamps

Save space by using unmounted rubber stamps, designs that you don't affix to wood or acrylic blocks until you use them. Store the thin pieces of rubber in compact three-ring binders. Place individual stamps in page protector pockets designed to hold baseball cards and stamp the design on the front to remember the contents. Stack binders on a bookshelf for easy access.