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How to Add a Light to a China Cabinet

Stephen Lilley

A china cabinet is a specially designed cabinet used for storing and displaying fine china and other types of dishware. China cabinets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. If you want to add a light to your china cabinet, you have a few options depending on what type of light you need and whether or not you're willing to attach a new piece of equipment to your cabinet's case.

  1. Use a cabinet light. Cabinet lights are small, horizontal lights that are designed to be installed on the inside or directly beneath a cabinet. Once installed, you can turn your light on and off using either a chain or a button (depending on the unit). Note that, depending on the model, you will likely have to attach this type of light to your china cabinet with screws. This may not be ideal if your china cabinet is antique.

  2. Use a touch light. Touch lights are small, portable, battery-powered lights that turn on when you touch them. If you just want a light for your china cabinet allowing you to see its contents that is not intended to help with displaying its contents, a touch light will satisfy that requirement and often doesn't require being permanently attached to the china cabinet's case.

  3. Install under-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting requires that you install a new light fixture immediately underneath your china cabinet. The light is specifically designed to display and illuminate the contents of the cabinet at all times of the day. This may not be ideal if your cabinet is low to the ground or even touching the ground.