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How to Baby Proof a Lazy Susan Cabinet

Barbie Carpenter

Once your baby becomes mobile, it is essential to childproof your house to keep her safe. The kitchen can be a hazardous place for a little one, with appliances on counters and cabinets full of plates, glasses and cans. Childproofing traditional cabinets is easy, but a Lazy Susan cabinet poses more of a challenge due to the circular nature of the cabinet.

Make your kitchen a safe place for your baby.

Step 1

Assess the current contents of your Lazy Susan. Remove anything that's breakable, from drinking glasses to casserole dishes. Remove anything that is heavy and could cause injury to your child, such as a bag of potatoes, canned goods and pots and pans. Also, remove any cleaning products or similar items that could be potentially poisonous if ingested. Find new places to put these items in the kitchen -- a high cabinet where the baby cannot reach is best.

Step 2

Fill your Lazy Susan with baby-safe items. This cabinet is a smart place to store nonbreakable, lightweight items. Place your plastic storage containers, breads, bags of chips and kitchen towels in the Lazy Susan. If you have multiple shelves in the cabinet, place the most lightweight items on the top shelf. Ideally, your baby will not be able to access the contents of the Lazy Susan, but you want to keep it safe in case she does.

Step 3

Place a Lazy Susan lock on the exterior of the cabinet. This lock, which you can purchase online, requires the push of two buttons to make this rotating cabinet accessible, thereby preventing your baby from pushing open the cabinet.