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Kitchen Cleaning Tips for a Lazy Susan

Ruth O'Neil
Table of Contents

A lazy Susan is a corner kitchen cabinet that rotates on the inside, allowing you to fit more in the cabinet. The rotating also allows you to turn the shelves so you can easily reach whatever it is you want without having to take everything out of the cabinet. Cleaning a lazy Susan is sometimes tricky.

By following a few tips, you can easily clean your lazy Susan.

Empty the Cabinet

Remove all of the items in the lazy Susan, which is much easier than trying to work around the cans and boxes of food. By removing everything first, you can easily see where the dirt and grime is, and you eliminate the chance of just spreading the dirt around that is stuck on the bottom of the items in the cabinet.

Vacuum the Cabinet

Vacuum to get up all the loose dirt. It is surprising how much crud can work its way to the back of a lazy Susan, especially since you only put clean items in the cabinet. Vacuuming up all the loose dirt saves you time and effort right from the start of your cleaning project.

Spray the Shelves

Spray the shelves with a good cleaner, and allow the spray to sit and work on loosening any grease. You can use a mild cleaner such as simple warm water and dish soap if your lazy Susan shelves are not too dirty; but where grease is, you need a much heavier duty cleaner.

Scrape the Cleaner and Grease

Scrap up the cleaner and any grease with a plastic putty knife. Use plastic so you do not damage the wood of the lazy Susan. Scraping helps you to scrub less when trying to remove stubborn grime.

Scrub the Shelves

Scrub the shelves with a mild scrubber, such as a green pad, to help loosen the remaining dirt and grime on your lazy Susan shelves. Sprinkle some baking soda on your shelves before scrubbing if you want. The baking soda is a very mild abrasive that helps to remove any stuck-on items. Baking soda is also safe to use around children, pets and food, as opposed to harsh chemicals.

Wipe the Shelves

Wipe off the shelves last with a dish soap and water solution to eliminate all traces of cleansers.

Add Clean Items

Wipe off the bottom of the items that you are returning to the lazy Susan shelves; otherwise you may add dirt and grime back onto the shelves. Take this time to organize and throw away anything that is past its expiration date.