Delonghi Espresso Maker Instructions

The DeLonghi Espresso Maker is an automatic espresso machine manufactured in Italy. Making authentic espresso with a touch of the button and minimal cleaning, the machine grinds just enough coffee for the cup you need just seconds before brewing for a rich, fresh cup of coffee. For best results, use espresso beans or ground coffee that is made specifically for espresso machines.

Preparing the Machine

Enjoy a hot cup of espresso.

If you are using your machine for the first time you will need to turn your machine on and set the language. Place your cup under the frother and turn the steam knob clockwise halfway and return the knob when the cup is 1/3 full. Once this is completed, you can fill the water tank and wait for the lights to stop flashing, or on some models, for the display to read, "Ready." During this time hot water will be released from the spouts while the machine performs an automatic rinse cycle.

Making Espresso

Fill the bean container with espresso beans or ground coffee. Set the taste by turning the knob on the right, or pressing the button displaying a coffee scoop. After filling the bean container, set the taste using the right-hand knob or coffee scoop display. Depending on how many cups you are making, place one or two cups under the coffee spouts. Press the single button for one cup or the double button for two. If you are using ground coffee, you will need to press the measuring spoon button first. Some models will allow you to choose a short, medium or long espresso. These models will be marked with coffee cup buttons that are full, half full, or slightly less than full. The machine will automatically grind the beans for you, pour your coffee, then discharge the grounds into the used coffee container. You can make another espresso by waiting until the buttons are steadily lit (or display "Ready"). If you are using ground coffee, first add one more measuring spoon of coffee, then press the single coffee cup button. Turn the machine off after it has completed the automatic rinse cycle.

Making Cappuccino

For cappuccino, you will need to use the frother. Use skim milk and a cold, metal pitcher that has been kept in the freezer and large enough to allow for the milk to increase in volume up to three times. Pour 3.5 ounces of cold milk in the pitcher. and press the steam button on the machine. Once it remains lit, prepare your espresso then move the frother to the outside of the machine and place the pitcher under the frother just under the milk's surface and turn the steam knob counter-clockwise. This will steam the milk, but by rotating the pitcher from top to bottom slowly it can be made creamier. Returning the knob and pressing the steam button to stop the steam. Pour ¾ cup of steamed milk into one shot of espresso to make a cappuccino. Add froth and garnish with cinnamon or nutmeg if you wish. For a latte, add equal parts of espresso and steamed milk and froth.