KitchenAid Washing Machine Troubleshooting

William Pullman

KitchenAid manufactures several different models of washing machines for use in the home. As with most appliances, your KitchenAid washing machine may not always operate as intended. When a problem arises with your washer, troubleshoot the reason for the malfunction and attempt a fix yourself.

Washer Does Not Drain or Spin

If you find your KitchenAid washing machine is not draining the water or entering a spin cycle, check that the washer lid is securely closed. The machine will automatically turn off if the lid is opened during operation and will not restart until the lid is closed and the "Start" button is pressed.

Next, check that the drain hose is not clogged. To check the drain hose, unplug the machine, and remove the drain hose from the back of the washer. Clear out any obstruction, and place the hose back on the machine. Plug the washer into the power outlet, and restart the machine to check if the problem has been fixed.

Finally, make sure the drainage hose is no more than 96 inches above the floor. The water will have problems draining if it is too far above the floor. Make any needed adjustments before using the washing machine again.

Cycle is Stuck Filling or Draining

KitchenAid washing machines may seem as if they are stuck in a continuous cycle, where the water continues to fill up or drain from the machine. When this happens, check that the top of the drain hose is sitting above the water level in the machine. If the drain hose sits below the water level, the washing machine will stick in a loop. Make the adjustment to the drainage hose as needed.

Another cause of stuck cycles is the drain hose attachment to the standpipe. The hose should fit securely on the standpipe but not tight. A gap is needed for air flow to help the drainage process. Remove anything used to seal the hose, such as tape, and allow the hose to sit loosely on the standpipe.

Wrong Wash Temperature

A common mistake made when installing KitchenAid washing machines is to mix up the hot and cold water inlet hoses. If the wash temperature is hot when you set it to cold, or vice versa, the water inlet hoses were switched. Unplug the washing machine, turn off the water supply and switch the hoses before using the machine again.

If you run loads of laundry through the machine back to back, you may drain the hot water heater in your home. This is normal and can be prevented by waiting a short period of time for the hot water supply to replenish.