Lemon Oil for Cleaning

Lemon oil is one of those ingredients that seem to work on a multitude of surfaces, cleaning effortlessly but retaining sheen and luster without coating them in wax, solvents or silicone. Lemon oil furniture polish is found in many stores, alongside the other cleaning supplies. Instead of purchasing different cleaners for all the rooms of the house, use lemon oil to clean everything from the wood floors to the bathroom shower stall.


Apply a dime-sized amount of lemon oil to a soft, non-abrasive cloth or old T-shirt and use it on wood furniture throughout the house. The oil works to not only restore a beautiful shine to old furniture, it also prevents newer wood from drying out. Lemon oil puts moisture back into wood furniture, which should be wiped down with the oil at least once a year. The only wood that should not be used with lemon oil are those with high-gloss surfaces.


Spray shower stalls and shower doors with a minimal amount of lemon oil to penetrate hard water stains and dirt. Once the oil has been applied, combine it with the use of normal bathroom cleaner to get the stains and dirt off quickly and efficiently. Lemon oil soaks deep into water and dirt stains to lift them quicker than bathroom products alone. Once the bathroom stalls and doors are cleaned, wipe them down to remove any excess oil. You can also use lemon oil to wipe down surfaces regularly in order to prevent hard water buildup and stains. Use only a dime-sized amount, and never use on the shower or tub floor because it can become dangerously slippery.

Stainless Steel

A hard product to clean without leaving smears, stainless steel can also be cleaned with lemon oil, which wipes away dirt and leaves behind a spot- and streak-free shine. Use a small amount of the lemon oil on granite or marble countertops to bring a shiny, clean appearance to the kitchen.

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