Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Ideas

The right kitchen ceiling lighting will have both functional and aesthetic characteristics.

Halogen Lights above Sink

You want the lighting in your kitchen to be bright enough so that you can see what you are doing. On the other hand, many people don’t want to have extremely bright lighting in their kitchen because this sort of light sometimes feels too commercial. Finding the right balance between ambiance and functionality is the key to finding the perfect kitchen ceiling lighting. .

When you are in the kitchen, chances are you spend a majority of your time in front of the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is where you wash your hands, dishes, clean up vegetables, and often where you perform work that is messy. Installing halogen lights above the kitchen sink will illuminate the most important workspace in your kitchen, while not overwhelming your entire kitchen with bright lighting.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a contemporary light fixture that many people incorporate into their home’s interior design. Pendant lighting is perfect over places such as the kitchen island or even a breakfast bar. This type of lighting will allow you to have a little extra lighting where you need it, while at the same time providing a decorative focal point in your kitchen. Because of the drop-down nature of pendant lighting, it is not particularly useful in areas where there is foot traffic. Only use this lighting in areas where there is furniture or a fixture underneath the pendants.

Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

Ceiling fans that have light kits serve two important functions: circulating air in the kitchen and providing light. Selecting the right ceiling fan with a light kit could add a lot of character to your kitchen. When you are cooking, the fan can help circulate air through your kitchen to help you avoid lingering food odors and aroma. Ceiling fans with light kits can also be a very inexpensive kitchen lighting solution. Many simple fixtures are available at major home improvement stores for under $150.

Track Lighting with Dimmer Switch

Track lighting with a dimmer switch is a great kitchen ceiling lighting option. This will provide you with bright light for your workspace when needed and softer light when you are entertaining. When you go in the kitchen for a midnight snack, you won’t have to worry about blinding your eyes when turning on the light. Track lighting can also be customized as you can choose where you want lighting positioned.


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