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Care of a Silestone Sink

Mel Frank

Silestone sinks are made of quartz, a durable and high-quality stone. These sinks come in a wide variety of color options, and are designed to withstand normal wear and tear for years. By following a few guidelines, and cleaning the silestone sinks with the proper cleaning elements, you can care for your sink with ease.

What to Use

Silestone is a non-porous surface, meaning stains and bacteria will not absorb into the sink easily. This makes it very easy to clean the sink area. A simple cleaning with a mild detergent such as dish soap will effectively clean the area. Fill the sink with a few cups of warm water, stir in a spoonful of liquid dish soap until suds have formed, then use a sponge or wash cloth to clean the sink. Debris will easily wipe clean, and one final rinse will assure a streak-free shine with no soap scum residue.

When raw foods and other bacteria-carrying elements are in contact with the sink, the sink will need a disinfectant. Use a mild cleaning agent such as white vinegar. Distilled white vinegar will clean and disinfect the area safely. Add a few cups of water to the sink, stir in one-half cup of the vinegar, and clean. Alternately, add two cups of water to a spray bottle with one cup of distilled white vinegar. Then spray onto the surface and wipe clean.

Although silestone sinks are highly resistent to stains, sometimes spills occur that require more cleaning than a simple scrubbing with vinegar or detergent. Wipe away as much of the stain as possible when it occurs, and flush with water. If the stain still remains, mix a paste by adding a few spoonfuls of baking soda to a bowl, then stirring in water a little at a time until a thick paste has been created. Apply a thick coating of the paste to the stain, and let sit until dry. When dry, wipe away with a damp cloth to remove the baking soda paste, and the stain will be gone as well.


Several commercial cleaning agents are available. If using one of these, read the labels to make sure the product contains no higher than a pH level of 10, and that the cleaner is compatible with silestone or quartz.

Do not place hot pans or skillets in the sink that have just been on the stove, as the extreme temperatures can damage the silestone finish.