GE Smartwater Troubleshooting

GE Smart water is a system that chemically treats water to help soften it. Many people use GE smart water systems for the healthier benefits of using soft water. GE Smart water systems are developed to treat the user's water with little to no work provided by the user. Every once in awhile the machine malfunctions, leaving the user with untreated water with little to no explanation. Once users can pinpoint the problem and can easily fix the device.

Trouble with Water

A common problem with GE smart water systems is that despite following the instructions the water still isn't properly softened. The leading cause of water not being softened after being ran through the GE smart water system is there is no salt in the storage tank. To fix this simply refill the tank with more Morton System Saver pellets. If the storage tank is full, then check the timer settings on your device to make sure something wasn't changed by accident. Also make sure that the water hardness settings are correct along with the model code on the machine, which can be determined by checking Pages 18 and 9 of your user manual. If these settings are all correct, then test the hardness of untreated water to see if perhaps your waters natural hardness has changed since you set your device.

Trouble with Device

Another common problem with the GE smart water systems is that the soft water timer display will go blank for long periods of time. This will often be a sign that the power cord is faulty or not securely plugged in. Before attempting to replace the cord, simply attempt to use a different outlet to see if the problem is with the device or your outlet. If the problem is the device, then try using the "Recharge Now" feature as described on Page 21 of your user manual. If this does not solve the problem. you will need to contact GE about obtaining a new device or power cord. If your GE smart water system makes an odd clicking sound while it's running, there is probably something wrong with the inner valve, which will cause the motor to torque more then it's suppose to. To fix this problem you will need to order the Rotor seal or motor seal kit from GE and reseal the inner valve.

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