Do It Yourself Screened in Deck Plans

A screened-in deck or porch can be a beautiful and practical addition to any home. Not only can it make a house more aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a semi-outdoor space for activities and enjoying warm weather.

Do-it-yourselfers who are building a screened-in deck should pay particular attention to planning and preparation, otherwise the space may turn out too cramped or otherwise undesirable. Although building a screened-in deck is a relatively simple process, seeking the advice and help of a professional may be beneficial when planning your design.

Outlining the Project

Before beginning construction on your do-it-yourself screened-in deck, it is important to plan out what materials you will need and in what quantities, as well as how all the pieces will fit together. You can create an intricately detailed set of blueprints, but some simple sketches with the appropriate measurements written out may suffice. You should keep in mind how much space future furniture will occupy when designing your plan.

According to AskTheBuilder.com, if you include the measurements for the floor, walls, and roofing structure in your plans and then bring them into a lumber company or home supply store, often the staff will be able to print you out an itemized list of all the materials you will need. However, this can take a few days to a week for them to do.

Getting a Permit

According to AskTheBuilder.com, lots of counties, towns, and cities have building and zoning regulations to which you must adhere. So before beginning construction on your screened-in deck, you should stop by your local government's building or housing department to apply for a permit (if necessary). You will likely need to bring in a copy of your building plans for inspection. If you design the plans entirely on your own, make sure that they will be accepted. Many times local municipalities will only give the go-ahead to projects that have been designed by registered engineers or architects.

Preparing to Build

After the building plans for your screened-in deck have been accepted and you receive a building permit, you much consider several options before beginning construction. According to AskTheBuilder.com, if your deck is going to be wired for electricity (so you can include lighting, an electric heater, or a sound system, for example), you will want to run wiring to the site before installing the deck's flooring. Also, if any of the wood materials you are using require staining, painting or any other type of coating, you should apply this at least a day or so before beginning construction so that it has time to dry.

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