Leviton Motion Sensor Switch Instructions

A Leviton motion sensor switch uses passive infrared sensing technology to automatically turn on the lights in a room when a person enters and to turn them off when a person leaves. A Leviton motion sensor switch is ideal for bathrooms, basements, kitchens and other parts of the house that require adequate lighting. Most Leviton motion sensor switches are compatible only with low voltage incandescent and fluorescent lights that utilize a rapid start magnetic ballast.


Position the Leviton motion sensor switch near where you most often enter and exit a room. The passive infrared sensor detects body heat when a person passes in front of it and this change in heat in the sensor's field of view triggers the light switch. Even when the passive infrared sensor no longer detects the motion of heat in its field of view, the lights will remain on for a selected period of time. You can manually program the Leviton motion sensor switches to remain on from between 15 seconds to 30 minutes before they shut off. Leviton motion sensor switches have a field of view ranging between 150 degrees and 180 degrees with an area of coverage ranging between 350 and 400 square feet, depending on the model.

Heat Sources

Levition motion sensor switches should be placed at least six feet away from climate control sources such as HVAC registers in order to prevent their activation when they detect heat from these items. Position the Leviton motion sensor switch at least six feet away from incandescent light sources that are brighter than 100 watts since this heat can trigger the passive infrared sensor or prevent the detection of smaller changes in heat when people pass by the sensor.

Adjustable Controls

The Leviton motion sensor switch features controls to adjust their sensitivity. Remove the wallplate and turn the adjustment wheels to your preferred levels. Leviton motion sensor switches feature an ambient light override feature that prevents them from turning on if there is an excess of natural sunlight near the passive infrared sensor. Most Leviton motion sensor switches feature sliding blinders for you to manually adjust the passive infrared sensor's field of view. Leviton motion sensor switches also feature a manual override switch that functions like an ordinary light switch.


Most Leviton motion sensor switches are only suitable for indoor use because of the sensitivity of the sensor. A Leviton motion sensor switch is convenient on occasions when you have difficulty finding the light switch in the dark or when you have your hands full bringing groceries into the house. A Leviton motion sensor switch helps to conserve energy by automatically turning off the lights when you leave the room for longer than you expected and are unable to return to shut off the light switch by hand.

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