How Do I Get Latex Paint Out of My Couch?

Latex paint can be a nightmare to remove from fabrics, especially on difficult to launder areas such as a couch cushion.

Dish Soap

After you have scraped off all the paint possible with a putty knife, there are several different remover compounds you can try. .

Try a 3/4 liquid dish soap (made for hand-washing dishes, not the kind that goes in your dishwasher) and 1/4 water mixture. Soak a sponge in this and blot quickly for as long as it takes to remove the paint.

Acetone, Alcohol or Mineral Spirits

Before using any of these compounds, test them in an inconspicuous area of the couch such as the inside hem of the skirt. If they stain or bleach the area, don't use them. If the test works out well, blot the paint-stained area rapidly with a sponge soaked in the compound.

Oil Soap

This works well on leather couches, but may leave the area darker than the surrounding material. Work oil soap (such as Murphy's) into the area of paint with a toothbrush and wipe away with an old towel.

If the Paint Has Dried

If the latex paint has been allowed to dry on your couch, none of these methods may successfully remove the paint. In this case you could reverse the cushions so that the stain does not show, re-upholster the couch, or cover the couch with a slipcover.