Blue Ridge Spas Troubleshooting

Margaret Morris

Many problems with Blue Ridge Spas are caused by lack of or improper maintenance. When you follow the manufacturer's recommendations for using sanitizer and other additives, you'll prevent common occurrences, such as dirty water, scum and odors. Troubleshooting other issues can be as simple as checking cord connections and verifying that the spa is getting power. For major problems that require replacing parts, call an authorized service person.

Spa Water Quality

If the water in your Blue Ridge spa is dirty or cloudy, the filters might be working inefficiently because they need to be cleaned. The problem can also be caused by using too little sanitizer. Add the correct amount of sanitizer, according to directions on the product. Test the spa water regularly with a pH meter or test strips. High pH or alkaline levels can cloud the water. To lower them, use a sodium bisulfate product. Too much oil or organic material in the water should be countered with a product designed to "shock" the water.

A general odor or a musty odor can also be caused by incorrect sanitation, which is corrected by adding the right amount of sanitizer, and by organic material or chlorine in the water, which requires the use of a "shock" product. Low pH can also be the culprit. Raise it by using a product made for that purpose. A musty odor can also be the result of too many body lotions, soaps and oils in the water, or overused or old water. Drain the spa and fill it with clean water.

Other Sanitation Problems

Body oils and dirt can cause a ring or scum in the spa. If it's moderate, wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth. If you can't remove it that way, drain the spa and use a cleaner made for spa surfaces. Fill the spa with clean water and the appropriate additives. A ring can also be caused by insufficient filtering. Clean the filter using a product designed for the purpose or a degreaser.

Algae growth is caused by high pH level or low bromine level. Use a "shock" product and be sure to keep the sanitizer at the correct level. A low pH level with a low bromine level can lead to irritated eyes. Use a "shock" product and raise the pH level with sodium bicarbonate.

If skin is irritated, the water is not sanitary. Use a "shock" product and correct the sanitizer level. Keep the residual amount of sanitizer in the water at the correct level. If the spa is being stained, the pH or overall alkaline level might be too high. Drain the spa and clean it with a recommended product. Iron and/or copper in the water can also cause staining. Use a sequestering product designed to neutralize and eliminate these metals from the water.

Scaling can be the result of excessive calcium in the water, or high pH and overall alkalinity. Lower the pH with sodium bisulfate. If the scaling is severe, drain the spa and clean off the scale. Fill the spa with fresh water and the appropriate additives.

Troubleshooting Spa Operation

If your spa doesn't operate, check the power source. If your circuit breakers, ground breakers or high limit switches have been tripped, reset them.

If the water isn't being heated or isn't hot enough, the thermostat setting might be too low. The pressure switch might be malfunctioning and will need to be replaced. Ensure that the heater cord, filter pump cord and filter switch cord are all connected properly. Use the hard cover. Check the filter line for dirt and clogs. Install a new filter and clean the line.

If the water is too hot, the water level could be too low. Ensure that the filter line valves are completely open and that the line isn't clogged. If there is a clog, install a new filter and clean the line. The thermistor might have become unseated from its fitting in the thermostat. Reposition the thermistor and seal it in its fitting. If the thermistor cord is damaged, the control panel must be replaced.

If the pump isn't working or there's low water flow in the jets, the jets or valves might be closed or partly closed. The pump cord might be loose or not connected. Check the impeller. If it's clogged, replace it. A blown F1 fuse could the source of this problem. Replace the fuse. Be sure the water in the spa reaches the halfway mark on the skimmer, at a minimum.

If the filter pump isn't working, the filter line might have a clog. Install a new filter and unclog the line. Check the filter pump cord and verify that it's connected.

If you can't change modes on the spa, be sure the "Command Center" cord is connected.