Deck Post Cap Installation

Post caps are made to fit over the top of a deck post, but they can also be used on other types of fence posts.


With their attractive appearance, they produce a finished look to the deck and keep the posts from direct sunlight and weather. Different types are available in various shapes and materials to match any decor and budget. .

Installation is straightforward on any fence or deck post. Before installing, make sure that the post is level. The post caps have an indention that the post fits into. That is where you will apply the glue. Take outdoor construction grade adhesive to attach the cap to the post. Squeeze the glue on the flat inside of the cap to make a square. Then, make an "x" with the glue to ensure a firm hold. Place the flat side down to fit over the post. It is that simple.

Installing With Screws

The other option is to buy the caps that come in two pieces and attach with screws to the post. To install this type of cap, first separate the cover and bottom pieces and then seat the bottom piece onto the post. Using a power drill, tighten the two screws through the brackets in the bottom piece of the post cap until they are flush with the brackets. Next, snap on the cover for a finished look.

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