What to Do When Water Won't Dispense on a GE Refrigerator

General Electric is one of the most respected appliance makers in the world. The company got its start when Thomas Edison founded the Edison General Electric Company in 1890. Since then, appliances have been a staple of GE's business, and the refrigerator is a successful appliance for it. While its appliances have a good reputation, they can experience problems. If your fridge ever stops dispensing water, there are several things you can do.


Check the rear water valve on the fridge and make sure that the coil is open. If the valve is closed or if it is blocked, it will prevent water from dispensing. According to GE, it should take about seven seconds to fill an 8-ounce glass if the water is flowing correctly.

If the fridge is new, you need to allow the reservoir enough time to fill so that water can be dispensed. The cradle needs to be held down for two to three minutes to enable the reservoir inside the fridge to completely fill. Top-mounted models do not have a reservoir, so this would not apply.

Smartwater Filter models could have a clogged filter that is blocking the water flow. If that is the case, the filter needs to be changed and then water should flow normally again. The filters should be changed about every six months on average.

If there is no water coming from the door, check the water tank behind the vegetable bins in the bottom of the fridge. If there is not much food in that area, the tank is more likely to freeze. If it ruptured, there would be water underneath the bins at the bottom of the fridge.

Also remember that the dispenser in the door will not operate unless the fridge door is completely closed.

If the water valves are all on and the reservoir is full where applicable, and any filters have been changed and the tanks do not have any leaks, contact a repair technician if there is still no water coming out. A hose may need to be replaced, or more serious maintenance may be required.